Class Blogs of the Week

This week, the Year 5s had their annual flu spray.  Don’t worry – it didn’t hurt.   There was a Pudsey Cake Sale, an Anti-Bullying Show and Beech Class did an assembly on the Romans and Celts.  The School Council organised the Cake Sale so a big thank you to them.  Overall, the cakes were really tasty.  My weekly highlight was that we started reading Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman.  It’s really quite interesting.   By Jamie

On Monday, it was a normal day but on Tuesday, our school Basketball team went to Highfield School to play in a tournament and we won so now we’re going to play in a county tournament! Anon

This week, we had a cake sale!  It was 50 per cake and they were DELICIOUS!!! I had a vanilla cake with a fondant Pudsey on it.  Pudsey also came into the playground and gave us high fives and fist pumps.  We raised more than £200 for Children in Need.  By Martha

We had a special Remembrance Assembly.  We felt quite emotional whilst listening to our headteacher talking about World War 1 and 2.  We also felt emotional about those who fought, suffered and died.  Also, the choir did an amazing job of singing a song of remembrance.  By Emma

Year 6 have been doing tours of the school for new parents which have been immensely fun.  Science has included work on the life of Stephen Hawkin.  His achievements are really fascinating to hear about.  By Zara and Jinying.

My thoughts on doing Parent tours are high spirits.  I really like doing them.  They’re probably my favourite thing.  We start at the ICT room and ask them if they want to go anywhere specific.  We must look smart, neat and speak clearly so they can hear you.  The route I like to take is from the old building to the new building (Redwood).  By Robert