Class R visit Aladdin at the Alban Arena

The children in reception had a great morning when they visited the pantomime of Aladdin at the Alban Arena.

The roads were very busy as due to rail closures everyone was trying to get to work by car! Having left ourselves well over an hour to travel we just managed to get into our seats as the curtain went up!

Having seats in the front row was a little daunting for a few of the younger members of the class, however the girls loved the dancing and singing and the boys particularly liked the custard pies and being shot at with water guns! The children all loved seeing Mr. Maker who played Aladdin and some of us remembered Barry from EastEnders who played Jafar. It was a great performance with plenty of jokes for everyone.

The coach was ready and waiting for us as we left the theatre and the children were soon back at school tucking into the amazing feasts that their parents had provided for them.

A great experience; a pantomime that is well worth a visit.