Claude Monet makes an appearance at William Ransom!

Amazingly, the day after David Hockney came to school Claude Monet turned up to tell us all about his life and works!

The day started with a whole school assembly where Monet told us all about his life and how he changed the way we all look at art. He was the founder of the Impressionist Movement and his paintings introduced a new way to draw and paint.

After break he showed all of Key Stage 2 how to draw trees and people using different tones and textures and everyone tried to draw pictures that would fit into his Japanese Gardens pictures with Oriental bridges!

In the afternoon we all had a chance to paint in the style of Monet and there have been some lovely paintings produced across the school.

We have had a couple of fantastic days concentrating on art. Thank you to the SPA for providing the funds to pay for Filbert the Artist.