County Dance Festival 2015

Once again, William Ransom took part in the bi-annual County Dance Festival and had the honour of opening the entire show. They performed a lively dance which expressed the art of Graffiti and had been choreographed by pupils from Hitchin Girls School.

Some of those who took part wanted to share their thoughts on the day…

On Thursday 12th March, the children who participated in County Dance met for 7:15am, ready to get on the coach at 7:30am.

When we arrived, the Arena was closed and we had to wait for the other schools. Eventually we were allowed to go in and we saw the stage. It was huge!

Once all the schools had arrived, we went through the safety rules and were introduced to all the staff there for the day. Then it was time for the technical rehearsal. We were all really nervous but we did well.

At 1pm we ate our lunch in the arena and then we were up to open the matinee performance. It was particularly exciting because all the other Year 5s had come to watch us. After part one of the show, we were able to sit in the auditorium and watch parts two and three which was fun.

Between the hours of 4pm and 6pm we went to Pizza Express for our dinner. It was yummy and we all got to wear chef hats and were given a pack of stickers to play with.

After dinner we returned to the arena and got changed back into our costumes before heading back on stage. What a performance!

We all had a great day!

By Scarlett, Anabel and Jenny