Cross Country at Princess Helena

On Thursday 26th September William Ransom was lucky enough to be invited by Princess Helena College to take part in their cross country event. The children in years 5 and 6 were invited to ‘trials’ in school where they ran a mile which was 5 times around our school field. Every child who ‘tried out’ managed to run the distance which was fantastic and a team was selected to represent the school.

The team were invited into the old hall for drinks while we waited for all competitors to arrive. It turned out that these schools were St. Hilda’s, St. Joseph’s in the park and Stormont.

The grounds of the school were breath taking as the children from all schools lined up to start the race. It was a ‘real’ cross country course up and down the slopes round the out buildings down paths next to fields of cows and back up to the finish line.

Charlie was first over the line with Kieran hard on his heels in second place. Everyone finished the race and as they did so enthusiastically cheered one another over the line. A medal and ‘goodie bag’ for all competitors was a really well received by all. Then it was cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, cake and kit-Kats on china plates in the dining room and back into the old hall for the presentations on the rostrum. With a gold and silver medal for Charlie and Kieran the team had accumulated a total of 144 points between them which meant they had won the event over all. Maddie received the plaque on behalf of the team.

What a great experience for all involved and a big thank you once again to all of the parents who gave lifts and stayed to support.

Cross Country team :Year 5 girls: Catherine, Halycon, Ella, Oryana, Georgia, Ilyssa. Year 5 boys: Tyler, Ben, Oliver, Sam, Edward. Year 6 girls: Bluebell, Annabel, Katie, Madeleine, Rhea. Year 6 boys: Charlie, Kieran, Taylor, Louix, Benjamin.