Dance Rehearsals Going Well

Despite a two week break because of the snow, the pupils are doing really well with the dance for this year’s County Dance Festival.

In order to get back on track, Mrs Maydom and the students from HGS have been putting in extra rehearsal time, and the girls have stayed until 5.30pm for the last two Mondays. This makes it a very long day for them, however, they have worked very hard and results are obvious.

The dance is now set and ready to show the County Dance Festival organisers on Sunday at the ‘Dress Rehearsal’. It is a case of practising as much as possible and adding the many costumes and props, including the fantastic ‘red rope’ which was cleverly woven by Mrs Wagstaffe.

The girls have one more rehearsal before half term and one after, and then they will get to perform on the stage at the Alban Arena.