Details of Aladdin Trip

The trip to see Aladdin on Monday 5th June will go ahead as planned.

The plans for this trip are as follows:

The coach will leave school at about 11.00am, leaving plenty of time for any traffic delays.

We have to be in theatre by about 1.30pm. We had planned to have lunch in Soho Sq. Gardens but this has been reviewed and I will ask the theatre in the morning if we are early to eat lunch there. Therefore the coach will drop us outside the theatre and we will go straight in.

We are going to a 'cast change' dress rehearsal which is not open to the public. Only Disney know it is happening. Therefore there is no media attention.

At the end of the show we have to answer some questions but aim to be out of the theatre by 5.30. The coach will meet us outside the theatre.

I will endeavour to tweet as often as I can to let everyone know of our progress!