Do you know how to wash a woolly mammoth? Year 3 do!

Year 3 Maple and Elm classes have been learning how to write instructions.

After reading ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson & Kate Hindley the children investigated ‘bossy’ imperative verbs like ‘scour’ and ‘scrub’. Children imagined the resources they would need to wash a woolly mammoth and described how they would be using prepositions. E.g ‘The mammoth soap should be applied between the ears.’

The children then went on to read and follow a set of craft instructions independently to make their own woolly mammoth out of a milk bottle! Although each mammoth was a little different, each one was carefully made following each step precisely.

The classes have enjoyed looking at the features of instructions before writing their own.

Well done Maple and Elm. Keep up the great work!