Eco Team

We have started up a School Eco Team. First, each class nominated one person from their class to be their class representative. Some classes had so many interested children that they needed to hold a vote to choose their class rep! Eco Team now consists of one person from every class from Year 1 through to Year 6.

We meet weekly in Rowan Class to discuss ideas and are currently working through an Environmental Review to assess what we, as a school, need to do to become an Eco School.

Our first idea was to hold a Poster Competition. The idea was for the poster to give advice and information to other children on how to look after our environment. Every child in school was invited to take part and we have announced our Keystage 1 Winner, three Keystage 2 Winners and The Best Class Winners (Hazel) this week. We are planning to display as many posters as we can throughout school.

We have created an Eco Display board in Redwood where everybody can read our Meeting Minutes, check for Eco news and ideas and also put suggestions or ideas for Eco Team to work on.

Last week, Anna from Plastic Free Hitchin came into school and presented an assembly to us about Myrtle the Turtle. She taught us about the animals which are endangered by plastic and encouraged us to reduce or eliminate our use of single use plastic.

We have lots of plans and ideas for the future so watch this space!