Exciting Writing Day at William Ransom

Exciting Writing Day at William Ransom

You never know what is going to happen at William Ransom and today was certainly no exception!

When I arrived in school at 7.30am this morning, Mr Philipson informed me that there was a parachute stuck in the tree near the hall, with a harness hanging, a suitcase, a black case and a hat sitting underneath it!

As soon as the children came in we called a whole school assembly to discuss what could have happened and what we should do with the evidence. The children were very excited and so we decided to abandon all lessons today and concentrate on producing some amazing pieces of writing. The pupils were full of ideas as to who could have landed in the tree, why they were there and what their intentions were. They were very keen for me to open the case but we decided I ought to check with MI5 first.

At the end of assembly, the pupils were charged with writing news reports, stories, character descriptions and witness statements.

I was advised by MI5 to open the ‘Top Secret’ case, so 2 pupils from each class helped collect the items and with Mr Burrows help, and whilst on the phone, we opened the case to reveal 6 identity cards, all the same pictures but 6 different names – ‘they must be forged!’

We found a coded letter, a foreign cheque for a huge sum of US dollars, 2 mobile phones, a camera and 2 rather crumpled suits!

During the day many different theories emerged as to what could possibly have happened! My favourite was it was Bruno Toniolli’s twin brother and the case contained the names of next year’s Strictly participants! I think that came from the parachute saying SAMBA!!

At the end of the day we all met together and each class shared some of the work they had done and we explained that actually Mr Burrows had set up the parachute and the intention was to get everyone’s imagination going!

The work produced was excellent and it really showed how well everyone can do when they are inspired to write!