Expansion of William Ransom Primary School

Dear Parents,

We are now able to confirm that last Thursday 15 October, the expansion plans for the school were formally approved by the Development Control Committee at Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), following the period of public consultation.  

Our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors attended the meeting and made a request that as part of the expansion project consideration was given to the creation of a zebra crossing, on Wymondley Road.  

We are very pleased the committee listened to our request and has formally agreed to progress this matter and for a public consultation for the creation of the crossing to take place.  If there is a positive outcome from this consultation, it is hoped the crossing will be in place for September 2016, when the increased number of pupils join the school.  

Back in July 2013, the school presented a petition to HCC with 345 signatures, asking for this zebra crossing to be created.  It may have taken 3 years, but it does look much more positive.  We will of course let you know when the consultation period opens.  

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Driver

Mr I Hankin
Chair of Governors