Eye of the Wolf

Saucepans’ Story by Tom

My very first memory was when Toa and I were trying to escape from yellow Africa, because of the war, when the boy was sold to us by his mum. I was tired that day carrying all the trading goods so the boy was another nuisance to me.

The sandy desert was completely empty from the dusty barren lands. Toa kept cursing yellow Africa while we were plodding along with the boy telling us stories. They were so pleasant to after a long day in the desert.

I got to know the boy a bit better and decided to call him Africa after the great stories he told. He is like family now. I will not leave without him, he has to come with me. I made a promise.

I hate Toa and all the other tradesmen who sold me. I was sold and sold again. I was thought of as crippled. I haven’t taken a step without Africa from the last time I saw him. I’m lonely and bored.

When Africa showed up, at the zoo, I couldn’t help but dance. It was a shock at first but I was so happy he was there. I had so many questions to ask. I think he went to the Cheetah after me. He is tired but he kept his promise to keep an eye on the goat. Toa got what he deserved selling sweets and ice-cream at the zoo.