Eye of the Wolf

Saucepans’ Story by Richard

Africa, a great place and a great boy too! I`ve got loads of memories about him. Starting with the scariest, and ending with the happiest.

It was a terrible night. A village in Yellow Africa was on fire. It was war and destruction. The worst thing that can happen. Everywhere you looked fires where blazing and houses came crashing down. Then Toa took the boy and we went, we went on our travels.

I can remember sand, sandy desserts everywhere! It was empty. Just sandy, empty barren land. Then I appeared with a boy on my back. I was overloaded with goods, but the boy made no difference. He told stories, not any stories but great stories. Toa always tried to sell Africa. I promised to the boy I would never take a step without him, not ever!

We then went travelling. There were miles after miles of sand. At night Africa told stories. He always attracted quite a big crowd. Then we went travelling again. We were always waking up in different places. It was quite different. Remembering Africa could have died in that war, but now he is amazing at telling stories. He is truly a great friend!

And then it all suddenly changed. I had never heard of Grey Africa. It was very different from good old Yellow Africa, no miles of sand. Toa the Trader (curse that man) took me away from the boy and sold me. How could he of done that too me. And then if by magic I was parted from the boy of my dreams! I will never forget that dreadful day. I was sold. Not just once but over and over again. Then I was put in this place, this place was called a zoo. People kept on saying I was crimpled, but I wasn`t! I just wouldn`t move without the boy, Africa.

And then came the last and most spectacular memory in my life. I saw him again. I saw the boy, that boy was Africa!