Eye of the Wolf

Saucepan’s Story by Alex

The first things I remember were explosions loud bangs and a woman shouting at Toa (my owner) to take a boy. Everywhere was on fire. The woman paid Toa to take the boy with everything she had.

When we were traveling in the scorching desert Toa was cursing everything and everyone. I was overloaded with Toa’s pointless goods. We were in the middle of nowhere.

While we were on our journey I was listening to Africa’s stories, transporting me to another world and blocking of Toa’s curses. We were also visiting different places in Africa. I remember Toa trying to wake me up and leave without Africa but I refused.

I also remember going to grey Africa and Toa talking to the villagers to sell me. From that day didn’t see Africa for months.

All of the buyers were selling me over and over again. Until one day a zoo bought me and thought I was crippled but I still refused to move without Africa.

But then one day I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Africa. At last I could rest and live without worrying about him.