Farm Trip on Tuesday

Just a reminder about the farm visit on Tuesday. The children need to wear their school uniform and their normal school shoes. Bring named wellington boots in a named plastic bag.

As the children are outside all day they will need a waterproof coat with a hood. Think about the thickness of the coat depending on what sort of day it is and the forecast.  

The children do not need any money.

If your child does not have milk they will need to bring a carton or small plastic bottle of water.

   If you have opted to provide your child’s packed lunch it should in a strong named plastic bag and not contain anything that has nuts in. Everything will be thrown away after lunch so do not give them too much to eat and no containers.  One carton of juice for lunch will be sufficient as the children will have their milk or water at 10.30ish. If you have opted for a school packed lunch your child will be given a small carton of fresh orange juice. You may want to send an additional small drink. This is optional.

If you have any questions ask tomorrow.