Feeling Good Week for the Year 5s and 6s.

Feeling Good Week

On the 10th of February the year 5 and 6 pupils started feeling good week. We have been making a folder that has all the information about your body, the changes you go through when you grow up and what to look out for as well as how to look after yourself.

On Tuesday Miss Ayliffe taught the year 6`s about first aid and what to do in a serious situation. We enjoyed watching the films and then writing up our notes to add to our folder.

Wednesday afternoon was the day that we watched a film, called some of your bits ain`t nice, then using the information from it we all went into groups of 6 and made an advert on the product given. It was very funny and enjoyable to watch .in 1st place was Maddie, Chloe, Rebecca, molly, Isabel and Zoe (who was very amusing). It was a great day and everyone was having a great laugh.

Overall Feeling Good Week has been extremely great fun!

By Maddie

On Monday 10th February the year 5 and 6s started feeling good week.

We have made a folder and both years had timetables which meant instead of 5/6W and A working together as classes, they have separated so year 6 and 5 have been working together.

On the first day and lesson the year 6s had food hygiene with Mrs Mills and Mrs Wheat. We learnt about where food should be in your fridge. One of the most important thing was to put your raw meat near the bottom. Hitchin Girls school came in and taught both 5 and year 6. There were 4 different groups of different sports and I did cricket. The police also came in to talk to us about the dangers of drugs.

On Wednesday in the afternoon we did personal hygiene. We watched a short film, we were then told to make an advert in our groups. My group was given soap. Mrs Wheat, Dain and Miss Ayliffe watched every groups advert and picked the top 3.

There were lots of other interesting and exiting activities that took place over the week these are just a few that I found particularly memorable.

By Taylor