Festival of Languages

This week started with a chance to learn lots about different countries and cultures. It was our Festival of Languages and we managed to visit many countries. In the morning we learnt all about Turkey. We tried some Turkish food and wore some belly dancing costumes. We then took a trip to France and learnt some funny French phrases. We also got to try some French cake. Our next visit was to Italy, where we got to try even more food. We also practised greeting each other in Italian, kisses and all! After Lunch we learnt a German song and then we got to eat some Chinese sweets and fortune cookies.

We’ve had a busy week in Maths, looking a lot for patterns in numbers. We have practised our odd and even numbers, with an investigation into what happens when you add different combinations of odd and even numbers. From this we found that if you add two odd numbers or two even numbers it makes an even number. We also found that if you add an odd number and an even number it makes an odd number. To make it easy to see the patterns in numbers, we coloured in grids for counting in twos, fives and tens. Some of us made this even more difficult by counting in nines. We used these new skills to help us with sequencing. We all had caterpillars with different sequences and we had to find the missing numbers. We were really good at this, as we all got to practise together on the whiteboard by playing this game.


In literacy we have all been very excited to use our favourite t-shirts. We read an animated book called Favourite T-Shirt, which helped us to think about how we feel when we wear our favourite t-shirts and when we aren’t allowed to. We all got to speak about why we liked our t-shirts and where we got them from. This helped us to write some really interesting sentences. We also used our t-shirts to help us learn about symbols. We learnt what all of the symbols in our labels mean so once we learn how to use the washing machine; we will be available to help.

In PE we had a lot of fun practising our indoor athletics. All of our practise is going to really help us when we have our activity day on the 17th of October.

Our D&T lesson this week was our first towards building our houses. We are making houses to look the same as the houses from The Great Fire of London. Today we started by painting the wooden frames, which are going to be stuck onto our houses. We also found out some very exciting news. When we have made our houses, we are going to create our very own Great Fire of London on the playground. This will show us how quickly the fire spreads when the houses are so close together.

We hope you enjoy our pictures and we hope to see lots of you on Sunday, for our nature day.