Festival of Languages 2019

The Festival of Languages was great fun again this year and Chestnut Class learned so much!  We travelled to Mexico, Turkey, two regions of  India (learning some Tamil and some Hindi) and to Slovakia.

Here are some of the children’s comments:

I learnt that they serve food on banana leaves in some parts of India and I loved the food we tried from Slovakia.  Anna

I enjoyed dancing to different music, playing different games and trying different foods.  Janya

I liked learning to count in Turkish and learning fun facts about Turkey.  Chloe

I liked the Indian Dancing and the foods from the different countries. My favourite fun fact was that at Easter the boys can throw freezing cold water on girls’ heads.  Josh

I enjoyed the food and learning how to greet people in different languages.  Ishaan

I liked trying on the hats in Mexico and learning new things that I didn’t know before.  For example, there is a live volcano in Mexico which shoots out ash.  William

I liked learning about the traditions in different countries.  Vega

I learned that they had lots of Aztec and Mayan temples in Mexico.  Emily

I enjoyed going to Turkey and trying the Turkish Delight and I liked the Indian chasing game.  Samuel