Festival of Languages

Class 1R took part in the Festival of Languages on Monday 29th September.  The children were given a special William Ransom passport which meant they could 'visit' Germany, Italy, Mexico, China and France.

They visited Germany first, where they learned how to count to 10 and watched a funny cartoon about a crocodile called Schnappi.  Next they flew to Italy where they tried some bread, olives and salami.  They also learned about different kinds of pasta.  Mexico was next, and the children loved learning about the interesting animals that come from there such as scorpions and iguanas.  After lunch they flew to China where they learned how to say hello.  They also tried some candy and a fortune cookie each!  Finally they visited France.  Here they discovered the French eat some interesting things such as snails and frogs legs!  They tried some French cakes and pancakes and also learned to say some colours in French.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned some new and exciting things about the countries they visited.  Class 1R would like to thank all the parents who contributed to the Festival and Mrs Hall for organising it all!