Fijian Festival of Languages

Cherry Class took a trip across the South Pacific Ocean to visit Fiji today.

The flag gave us clues about the country! It has palm trees, bananas, sugar cane, a dove and the Union Flag on a background of blue.

They discovered that Fiji is made up of over 322 islands, most of which are uninhabited! Most people live on the two largest islands and their main industries are tourism, sugar cane and gold mining.

The class watched video clips of Fijians singing – they love singing to welcome and to say goodbye to visitors.

Although food isn’t particularly world famous in Fiji, the class tried cassava (a type of root vegetable) and papaya (a mango-like fruit). There were mixed reactions to both!

Bula is the Fijian peoples’ favourite word. It means hello and then some! Hello I wish you well.

We practised some phrases and made up a little conversation!

The children enjoyed learning about Fiji and some are ready to book tickets – they may have to wait a while unfortunately.