Final Entry on the Builders Blog!

I do believe the school is finally ours and the majority of builders have left the site!

This will be my final Builder’s Blog as the work is now completed and we have access to all areas!

It is almost exactly two years since I was first visited by Herts County Council and they discussed their proposals for expanding William Ransom to 2 form entry. I had a good idea that was what they wanted to discuss when they made an appointment so I made sure that Ian Hankin was also at that meeting so we could present a united front!

I realise now how lucky it was that we made it clear right from the start what our ‘no-compromise’ issues would be: we had to have a bigger hall, a bigger car park, a bigger dining room and at least 8 classrooms. It was also need to solve our existing problems of the window wall in the hall and the leaking IT roof!

Now, two years on I can look at our amazing facilities and see how much we have! It has not been plain sailing and there are still some issues to be resolved, but in the main we are delighted.  The children are loving the new facilities, especially the Activity Studio and the IT Suite. The Year 6 feel very grown up having lockers and the reception classes are enjoying their wonderful play space! The dining room is amazing; I don’t know where all the space has come from and the hall, with its brand new floor and windows is fantastic!

At last I feel we have outstanding facilities to match the outstanding provision offered!

Thank you for your patience whilst everything has been going on! Thank you for the support you have given us during the ‘Big Build’ and thank you for all the positive and favourable comments we have received about our new facilities!