Fire Safety Talk

Pupils in Class 1/2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London and have throughly enjoyed researching this historical event.

Pupils were able to try on the fireman uniform, thanks to Mr Morey and the local firemen crew.

Pupils then went outside and had a go with using the hose…the field was completely soaked!

After this amazing experience, pupils compared the fire procedures in 2012 to 1666. We realised how difficult it must have been for the people in 1666, as they used fire hooks to bring down the houses and buckets to put out the fire. The wind also made the fire travel quicker and houses were made out of tar and wood, which resulted in the Great Fire of London lasting for 5 days.

If you see a child in class 1/2, ask them when the Great Fire of London started and they will reply with ‘2nd September, 1666’