Firework acrostic poems

Shared writing of acrostic poems about fireworks by the Reception children.


Fireworks go boom!

I want to watch them.

Rockets go BANG!

Ellie loves the pretty fireworks.

William likes the colours.

Orange, purple, pink, yellow

Red, green, and blue.

Kids hold the sparklers

Spin the sparkler round and round.


Fireworks go whoosh and bang!

I like fireworks.

Rockets go up into the sky!

Excited children love fireworks.

Whoosh, bang, pop, wiz!

On the bonfire there’s Guy Fawkes.

Red, and orange, green, and yellow.

Kareena said ‘Fireworks light up the sky’.

Small fireworks go bang!


Fireworks make bangs in the sky.

In the bonfire is orange and red.

Round in a circle goes a Catherine Wheel.

Explosions are loud.

Whee go rockets

On firework night.

Red and orange and blue and green.

Kittens are scared and sad.

Soup to keep you warm.