Football is Poetic!

St Andrews Football Match

An ear-piercing whistle signalled the start of the game,

We all were eager to triumph and earn a bit of fame.

The name of the opposition was St Andrews football team

And everybody had their chests puffed up in self-esteem.

Promptly, they started kicking the ball around,

How could we possibly let them win? It’s our home ground.

Minute by minute, the clock ticked as time passed,

Finally, we scored a wonderful goal, at last!

Parents cheering; wind howling; whistle blowing.

The magnificent sound of applause made our hearts start glowing.

One by one, more balls ended up in the back of the adversary’s net,

We could still score more epic goals: the match wasn’t over yet!

After what seemed like centuries, the final whistle blew,

Everybody started screaming, substitutes too.

The results of both games were gobsmacking,

Everybody huddled around us, clapping and clapping and clapping.

The A team won 4-0 and the B team won 5-0,

Hooray! We were heroes!

The memory of this event was etched in our minds, it was glorious,

Proudly, we strode home with our heads held high: WE WERE VICTORIOUS!

By Raghav