Fun at the farm!

The hi-light of this week was of course the trip to Wimpole Home Farm. Despite a dreary start we only had 5 minutes of rain whilst eating dinner, not even enough to make us seek shelter. The rain had added to the excitement, in creating some lovely muddy muddles and as all children were in wellies, paddling and squelching through the mud was great fun!

The children looked around the rare breeds’ farm. In their talk they learnt about the characteristics of all living things and had the opportunity to stroke a chick and a rabbit. They watched a cow being milked and felt just how warm the milk was minutes after it came out of the cow. I expect there were some very tired children on Wednesday evening!

Other learning this week included the Jewish harvest celebrations of Sukkot which was yesterday. The children used the construction equipment to build and decorate ‘Sukkahs’ which are places built to celebrate the harvest in.

Our literacy stories have been about scarecrows. The children learnt about ‘list making’ as we did ‘shared writing’ to compile a ‘to do’ list for Harry and Betty, the scarecrows in the story of the Scarecrow’s Wedding. This is the latest book by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo. Prior to writing the children chose a ‘talking partner’ and discussed what would be needed for a wedding. The ability to talk about a given subject to another child was quite challenging for some children. Please ensure that you are discussing the whole school ‘Talk Topic’ with your child. Please remember Show and Tell for next week. It is: What is your favourite farm animal and why? Find out 2 interesting facts about this animal. (You may want to bring in a drawing or picture of the animal) Every child is expected to prepare this, as being able to talk fluently is a necessary life skill. A few children are missing out on this weekly opportunity.

I am looking forward to seeing most of you on Monday at our Information Evening. It is not too late to confirm your attendance if you have not already done so. It will give you an opportunity to see and hear about what the children have been doing, how the cohort has settled and find out what will be happening in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We can discuss any issues of group concern and then the following week is the individual consultations. Once again online booking is open.

Next week we are out and about looking for signs of autumn. If you are out this weekend see what you can collect!

Friday is our autumn ‘Fun/Fit’ day. I forgot to hand out my letters asking for parental help. I will send them home on Monday and if you are able to help it would be fantastic.

Have an enjoyable weekend.