Girls’ football team through to the semi-finals of the Wix Cup

Another freezing cold evening and a very heavy pitch welcomed the girls to their first game against Highwood a team from Garston, made up of girls who all played for Garston football club out of school.It took a while for both teams to get going, but it was clear from the onset that this was going to be a very tough match. With lots of defending in the first half William Ransom conceded a very good goal just before half time. There was nothing Lauren could have done to save the low shot into the bottom left hand corner.The second half saw some excellent defending by Evie and a couple of tries on goal by Annabel and Rachel and a superb diving save by Lauren. A goal mouth scuffle ended in William Ransom conceding a second goal to make a 2-0 defeat at the end of the match.

Oakmere a rival from the ESFA rounds beat Highwood 2-1 in the second game giving them 3 points. They had to follow on and play William Ransom in the last game of the group. Wiliam Ransom started the game with some excellent passing and were soon on the attack.The girls were rewarded with a goal by Rosie. This really lifted morale as Rachel’s shot was stopped on the goal line a few minutes later. With several more attempts on goal including Rachel’s shot that hit the post, a shot that went wide by Jess, and a shot over the bar by Rosie, we really thought that another goal would never come.

The second half saw Lauren make a great save minutes into starting. Then Jess missed an open goal and so did Rosie. Lauren again made a diving save to keep William Ransom ahead.The girls kept the pressure on and at last Rosie scored a great goal that sent the supporters into a frenzy.Rachel at last found her way through the defence and scored and minutes later repeated her run from the midfield, through their defence to score the fourth and final goal.

Both the team and the supporters were thrilled to hear that due to teams being equal on points William Ransom had gone through to the semi finals on the number of goals scored. This event will take place at Clarence Park on Wednesday 24th April.

Many thanks to all of the parents who came to transport and stayed to support the team. It was rather a rush to get back to Hitchin for the mums who were going to the ‘pamper evening’ at school but a few massages and relaxing treatments were just rewards for the high anxiety levels experienced as football spectators!