Girls win the District round of the Kwik cricket

What fantastic weather for a day of cricket with the girls at Fairfield Park in the first round of the all-girls district competition. There were only six teams competing which meant no rounds but a straight forward ‘everyone plays everyone else’ and the team with the highest score would go through to the next round.

With three pitches running William Ransom was scheduled to play all games on pitch one. The first game against Sandon saw Lauren lose the toss but Sandon chose to bat. It was a great opening with Rachel taking a wicket for only 5 runs and Annabel taking two wickets for no runs. Ellen following conceding only 7 runs and Maddie had an amazing innings taking three wickets for 2 runs. Rebecca followed on with one wicket for 5 runs, Rhea one wicket for 3 runs Catherine who gave away 4 runs and lastly Lauren who faced the best player conceding 15 runs. The final score for Sandon was 201.The William Ransom batting innings saw only two wickets conceded for 268 runs scored, a fantastic score and a win for William Ransom.

The second game against St. Andrew’s, a keen but inexperienced team, gave William Ransom a chance to score 49 from wides and no balls. The final score from the innings was 284. St. Andrew’s faced some tight bowling from the William Ransom girls who took 7 wickets and many dot balls to give them a final score of 194.

With two wins William Ransom faced an excellent team, St. Nicholas. It was a really excellent game of cricket. All girls from both teams bowled over arm and batted well. William Ransom bowled first and St. Nicholas scored 248 and lost only 1 wicket. William Ransom keen to get lots of runs went for the ‘big hitting’ technique’ and were caught out five times and bowled once. Their final score was 232 so a win to St. Nicholas.

The fourth game was against Lordship who opened the batting by scoring 223 for 3 wickets lost. William Ransom wanting a win worked hard and scored 248 with a loss of 4 wickets. Another win and the final game to play against Pixmore who had just beaten St. Nicholas! Some great bowling really raised spirits as Annabel and Rachel took two wickets as they opened and Catherine and Lauren another two as they closed to give Pixmore an innings sore of 220. The runs were slow to come due to some excellent bowling from Pixmore and at the half way mark William Ransom were only a couple of runs ahead. However everyone kept calm and the final score at the end of the innings was 259, a win!

Who had won, nobody was sure. Three teams on 13 points and some working out for the scorers and bated breath for the teams as the scores were read out. Luckily for William Ransom they had won on wickets taken by 6 wickets. St. Nicholas 2nd and Pixmore 3rd, Lordship 4th, Sandon 5th and St. Andrew’s 6th.

Well done girls a great day’s cricket with such lovely attitude, continually encouraging one another. The next round is 1st July and we await further details. Many thanks to the parents who gave lifts and then stayed to support the girls. Congratulations to Dain, our Sports Apprentice for his excellent umpiring, a new skill that he has learnt this year.