Girls win their Wix game against Purwell

With a cold wet start, the game was quite slow to get going but despite a rather heavy pitch Rachel finally scored into the bottom corner from a long throw in from Annabel. Rebecca was not daunted by girls bigger than her and defended courageously. Rhea also made lots of effort to attack the ball when she came on half way through the first half.

The second half saw lots of running by Annabel and Rachel and some good defensive play by both Laurens. Ella and Zoe were more active and helped Rachel to score a second goal when they cleared the ball from the defensive end and she ran the length of the pitch alone. She missed a third from a similar move shortly after. Her third goal came when she tried to take the ball past everyone and despite everyone encouraging her to make a pass she found the back of the net through sheer perseverance. Her fourth goal seemed to come from nowhere as the ball pinged out of a group and Rachel put her foot behind the ball and into the goal.

Well done girls a good game and thanks to Oriana for her defensive input as our second sub tonight. We look forward to finding out who our opponents will be in the next round.