Glue Guns at the Ready!

Today was DT day in Willow Class and we explored the rainforests of the world to create amazing junk bugs.

The children relished the challenge of making insects out of junk! All those bits and bobs thrown in the junk drawer, lying at the bottom of the tool box. Well today – that was our treasure!

During the morning, we researched different insects and then made mini beasts while learning how to use the glue guns.

This afternoon was the big ‘stick’ where we brought our creations to life. Corks, screws, toothbrushes, nuts, bolts, buttons, batteries, lids, wire, keys – you name it – we now have it on display!

Many of the insects are from the rainforests of South America. Lots are poisonous! Some nocturnal and others magical.

What a fantastic creative day!  Thank you to our wonderful helpers – couldn’t do it without you!