Great first fixture!

We had an excellent start to our netball season with lots of great play!

Our A and B team travelled to Whitehill for their first matches of the season. With lots of our confident netballers leaving us to move onto secondary school, many of our players were new players from Year 5.

Our A's made a confident start to the match, marking the opposition closely and ensuring they slowed down play to maintain posession of the ball. Carys and Isla secured many goals between them, showing great accuracy from all areas of the semi-circle. It was very clear they had been putting in a lot of practise over the Summer! Erica and Enya moved around the court well, ensuring play flowed well. It was nice to see such a confident start to the season, with all the girls on the court eager to win! This attitude proved successful as the A's secured a 6-3 win!

The B's watched the A's match first and it was very clear all B Team girls were keen to get their game underway. Tegan was confident around the court, fighting for the ball when posession was lost. Annie and Phoebe worked well together to slow the play down whilst also ensuring the goal was defended well. All girls on the B Team worked hard during their first netball match. It was a vary fair game with play being evenly matched between us and Whitehill. We had lots of opportunities to shoot but unfortunately we ended the game 4 – 2 to Whitehill. Even though this was not a win, it was a great first match and was lovely to see the girls putting into practise all the hardwork they put in during training.

Well done to all the girls involved!