‘Green Planet’ talk at HGS

Last week, Willow Class and the Yr5s from Cherry and Chestnut were invited to Hitchin Girls' School to listen to inspirational speaker Phil Williams.  Phil talks about envionmental issues and what we can do to help protect our planet.  The topic was 'Green Planet'.  Below are some of the children's blogs.

On 26th March, my class and the Yr5s from Cherry and Chestnut went to HGS to have a talk about the environment.  Some facts were horrible.  The most horrible/unfair facts were: 26% of humans use 86% of what is produced in the world and in one area of the world  there is only a tiny bit of water but the people living there aren't allowed to drink it.  Instead, it goes to local farms who use it to grow food.  Then the food gets sent off to places such as the UK to be sold cheaply in supermarkets.  To me, this is most unfair.  

Another thing that is damaging the world we live in is the fact that we are using too much plastic and throwing away too much food that could be used for another day.  I think that companys should take action and change their product's packaging.

It is sad to think that if this carries on children will grow into adults and have to live in a polluted world.


Phil Williams was full of energy.  He explained about how the Indians (in the Amazon rainforest) don't waste anything.  He showed us some material and clothes that were made from food; the outside of a coconut, banana peel and pineapple leaves!  

When I saw the amount of food that is wasted each year, I was shocked.  This made me interested to find out about how much food is wasted in schools.  Phil also talked about how much paper we use and what is happening in the rain forest.  When we arrived back at school, Willow Class had a chat about how we could be more eco-friendly.  We really enjoyed Tuesday.  Phil taught us a lot.


Phil spoke to us about the problems our planet was facing and very interesting things that shouldn't be happening.  We spoke about things that we can do to help protect the planet.  Phil used a lot of percentages so that we could get an idea of how much waste etc is happening around the world today.

My favourite part was when Phil played an instrument that is made by Indians in the rainforest.  It was made by a young boy using a machete to carve bark.  It made a lovely sound when Phil played it.  I also liked the stories about when Phil visited the Amazon Rainforest; especially when he spotted the pink river dolphin.