Half term is upon us!

Well, half term is upon us although for many of you life won’t look all that different! This bank holiday weekend should have seen the Year 6 children returning from Wales, but I gather the weather in North Wales has not been as lovely as it has here so at least that is one thing!

Plans have been continuing all week for making the school as safe as we can for the pupils who will potentially be returning on 1st June. All the pupils are divided into different coloured ‘Pods’ in groups of up to 15 and they will remain in these pods. All the pods have different start times, different times for break and lunch and their days end at different times. Parents who have told us they wish their child to return to school on 1st June will receive an email today with the important information.  It will not be school as we know it but hopefully it will be the stepping stone into a wider opening of schools in the future.

It has been lovely looking at all the work that is being done at home on the various Twitter groups. You are all amazing! Everyone has approached home learning in a different way and you have made it work for you. I am sure there have been days when it has been tough, but be proud that you have got over those days and have moved on!

I have just put up a new sign at home which has been my mantra during this time: It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain! 

Some of you have worried about the continuation of home earning activities with schools opening for some pupils, but don’t worry. Our plans are that teachers will continue to prepare lessons and activities suitable for each year group and these will be used as the basis of planning for the lessons in school. That way we hope that children will have experienced the same things, possibly in different ways, but all will have followed a similar program. Please treat next week as half term. Teaching staff are being encouraged to do the same. They may not be available on email during the week and there are no expectations on children to send us lots of work. If you need to contact us in an emergency then please use my email address at the top of this letter. Mrs Delaney is also happy to talk through any concerns via email – senco@wransom.herts.sch.uk

Don’t forget William Ransom Community Radio is on air again today at 4.00pm It is such a wonderful way to bring the whole William Ransom family together and I love hearing all your messages to one another! Thanks to the McVeigh family for making it happen!

Keep safe and well and be kind to one another!

Kind regards

Mary Driver