Half Term!

Yay! Well done everybody. You’ve managed a whole half term of home learning.

You’ve collectively read 400 chapters on Fiction Express and completed 152 online quizzes testing your comprehension and retrieval skills.

Languagenut has also been used lots. Our World Ranking has rocketed to 213. Altogether, you’ve learned more than 20,000 words and 422 sentences. I wonder which languages you chose? Our top performers on Languagenut from Cherry and Chestnut are Reece and Zak.

We have been sent some extraordinary D&T films of Rube Goldberg machines. Lots of families got involved and some even had their pets take part. Rowan’s machine released a bone at the end for her dog! We had remote control robots and cars, bouncing balls, parts of vacuum tubing and many more ingenious ideas. The work was amazing and it looked like you all enjoyed it.

Your Big Writes continue to impress us. You’re all remembering punctuation and grammar rules and checking your own spelling. The figurative language used has really helped us to picture what you have described and the stories have captured our imaginations. Great Work!

Mrs Hall has been so thrilled with all the work on hedgehogs and knows that you are all now Hedgehog Heroes. Olivia even created a hedgehog highway and built a hedgehog house using logs!

Mymaths work is continuing to be monitored and we are all happy with the progress you are making.

But now it’s HALF TERM! Take a well earned rest. We are so proud of how you are all coping in these tricky times. You’ve all adapted to social distancing rules and continued to learn so WELL DONE and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Mrs Hall, Mrs Wheat, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Gibson x