Happy Earth Day!

We’ve been sent some great links to online lessons and activities about rainforests which are perfect for Beech Class but are open to all KS2 children that are interested. Today marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day and below is some information about the things you can take part in. Staring at 10am this morning and with more online tasks set for Thursday and Friday as well as a competition. All links are included and documents attached below. Let us know if you join in with anything or if you decide to take part in the competition.

To publicise World Earth Day many companies around the world are hosting educational events today as part of the day.  One such company is @BambuuBrush whose Earth Day event is aimed at KS2 students from 10am to 2pm. All you need to do is visit the website (with parents of course) at https://bambuubrush.com/pages/earth-day-1 and register with a parent. 

BambuuBrush say the “the first 2 hours of the day will be our Plastic Pollution workshops which in general is great for everyone to be aware of, then we have 18yr old World Google Science Fair winner from  2019 – Fionn Ferreira and then a Dance and PE lesson with an actor who was in the new Aladdin film. The afternoon is focused predominantly towards primary school with an art session with Kids against Plastic and a music lesson. “

In addition, secondary schools have been contacted to advertise some of the sessions they are putting on. Some are aimed at KS2 children and it’s all free! There are two sessions later this week – on Thursday and Friday about creative exploration and habitat exploration respectively. You can learn more at https://encounteredu.com/live-lessons/fsc-fieldworklive-2020 The live broadcasts can be viewed on catch up at the same location. For example this KS2 broadcast on soil exploration can be viewed at the same web address – https://encounteredu.com/live-lessons/ks2-soil-exploration-200420 – so if Thursday and Friday for the habitat and ecosystem exploration doesn’t work for this week but could next week then the videos can still be viewed.

Finally, please find attached a Rainforest in a Box competition. The deadline for entries is 15th May and the company are offering prizes for two age groups 6-9 and 10-14. This will be a great way for Beech Class to put their research to use and with some facts and figures, the information may make it a little easier to so the research in the first place! Good Luck!