Happy Half Term Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that the children have been in for half a term already! They have spent the time getting to know the routines and structure in Reception and we have all been getting to know each other.

Please see our newsletter for information about we have been up to this week and what is coming up after half term.

The children are really enjoying our daily ‘Discover and Do’ sessions, where they can choose where they would like to continue their learning and practice the skills and knowledge they have been learning in adult directed time.

This has included making a clay hedgehog, investigating rotting pumpkins, planting seeds from fruit eaten and planting bulbs outside and much more. The Nature Area is now open and the Texture Kitchen has seen a lot of action! The pestle and mortar has been used to crunch dead leaves and to grind up twigs. The role play area is a hedgehog hospital and we were very excited to spot a hedgehog right by the nature area so we have all been extra careful when outside.

We have also introduced a snack area so children can access their milk and fruit snack when they want it. This might be in the morning or the afternoon. They sign in by taking their name off the snack list so the adults can make sure all remember to have it!