Harvest Festival at William Ransom

We had a wonderful Harvest Festival this week. The pupils are asked to bring in an item of fresh produce and it is lovely to see many bringing in things grown at home. By bringing fresh produce we are making the children think about how the foods are grown and harvested.

We had some children who seemed to think their pineapples and mangos were grown in their gardens but most knew which of the items could be grown in Britain!

During the assembly we talked about the origins of Harvest Festival and why it is celebrated. Then we went on to talk about Harvests in Africa and their unpredictability. A group of Year 5/6 children acted out the story of Harvest for Hope explaining all about the charity Send a Cow. We had decided that they would be an ideal charity to support with fund raising.

Send a Cow are working to eradicate poverty in Africa by trying to teach the farmers to be more self- sufficient. They teach the farms how to make the best of their land and how to improve their crops. This is done through providing materials, education and livestock – hence ‘Send a Cow!’

Once the assembly was over the packed the food up into individual hampers and these were raffled off. The winners were spread across all the classes and pupils were very excited when they won!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Harvest festival.