Have you put your sun cream on?

We woke this morning to glorious sunshine which promised to stay with us for the day. There were many bleary eyes at breakfast but that didn’t stop everyone tucking into a good cooked breakfast!

It was a more leisurely start to the day as our destination of Harlech is only a 20 minute coach ride away. We walked down through the gardens for the last time to catch the coach and set off for Harlech.

We always like returning to Harlech as over the years we have made friends there and we are known as the ‘School with the Red Caps!’ After another application of sun cream we went into the castle. It is a very different building from Caernarfon Castle and the children have the opportunity to go around on their own and make comparisons between the castles.

The castle is in the most idyllic spot overlooking the coastline and everyone knew they had to complete their tasks well in order to be able to go to the beach. Leaving the castle we visited the gift shop for all those presents coming your way! This was also the final opportunity for an ice cream and for us to catch up with the family who have been running the gift shop for over 20 years who we meet every year; and a chance for another covering of sun cream!

The coach took us down towards the beach and then we spent a wonderful afternoon on the sand. In all my years of going on school journey I have never had such a hot and sunny afternoon on the beach! We were concerned that the children might get sunburnt so there was the regular cry of ‘Have you got your sun cream on?’

The time was spent looking for signs of life on the beach, looking in the rock pools, building castles, playing football and of course digging a great big hole!

Hopefully none of us suffered with sunburn, but I think everyone had a great time!

Tomorrow is a mad day – I dread to think what state the suitcases will be in when they all arrive home, but hopefully they will at least have all their belongings! Thank you for reading my blogs all week, I hope they have given you a flavour of our week away! Thank you for entrusting us with your children, they have been great company all week!