Hello hats?

On Monday the reception children learnt to say hello in four languages in our International Languages Day celebrations. They looked at bread from different countries and learnt about France when Mr LeCoze visited in the afternoon.

With only three weeks to go until half term it is amazing to see how well these children have settled into school life which is so very different to nursery. They are all making new friends and the party invites have started! They are becoming part of the whole school community and of course starting their more formal learning, whilst still having opportunities for child initiated play.

We have now learnt twelve of the twenty-six individual sounds and practise blending the phonemes to read every day. Already many children have learnt some ‘sight vocabulary’ through our reading and writing activities and everyone is working hard to write their names and letters and numbers correctly. Hopefully you are all starting to settle to working with your child at home to support them in their learning and helping to build the firm foundation upon which they will rapidly develop. I hope that you all read the letter that came home today explaining the words and writing practises that have been sent home so far and hopefully any problems or misconceptions can be discussed at the Reception Information Evening .

The children have learnt about the  ‘Secondary’ colours and have experimented with colour mixing using paint and making a pattern in the style of Paul Klee..

In literacy lessons throughout the week we read several versions of ‘The little Red Hen’ comparing the characters, illustrations and language used. I think everyone liked Pie Corbett retelling the story to a class of children even if it was a little fast!  It can be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdvJZD-cplg. The children joined in well and found him very amusing. Bread making which was the centre of the story was a great practical experience for everyone and all the kneading was excellent for strengthening hands and fingers. Each child made a bread roll which they took home.

We’re off to Wimpole next Wednesday; please read the letter I send home on Monday so that your child has everything that they will need. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Information evening for reception parents is coming up on Monday 13th October at 7.30. A chance for the whole parent group to meet and see in more detail what has been happening in class and what the expectation for future learning will look like. It is an opportunity to share as a group, to ask general questions that have arisen and clarify anything that is unclear. The following week on the evening of the 22rd and afternoon and evening of 23rd October parents are invited in for consultations to discuss children’s individual progress. Online booking has been open this week so make sure you book a slot. Any problems speak to Mrs. Massey in the office.

I hope to see many of you on the ‘Nature Afternoon’ on Sunday. Drop in any time between 10am and 4pm, have lunch and do a few nature inspired activities with your child.