He’s behind you! Oh no he isn’t!

In the absence of Mrs Light, Mrs Driver has written the blog this week as she has had an insight into the comings and goings in reception!

Much of our time this week has been spent rehearsing the Christmas show and I hope everyone really enjoyed the performance this afternoon. Mrs Wagstaffe wrote it all and arranged the music and Mrs Stephenson had been practising saying hello in different languages! The other teaching assistants made sure everyone got onto the stage at the right time and spoke in a loud voice!

Everyone really missed Mrs Light but they made sure that they gave a performance she would have been proud of.

On Thursday we went to St Albans to see Peter Pan the pantomime. We heard all about the Darling family and how Peter Pan lost his shadow in the children’s bedroom. Then he took all the children to Never Neverland where they fought pirates and Indians and made friends with the lost boys! It was great fun and when I asked what everyone liked best lots of them said the fireworks!! Don’t worry, they were indoor ones!

Looking ahead to next week, the children have their party on Monday afternoon, please remember to send in your contribution! There is an optional late start on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings if they have a sibling higher up the school. On Thursday we have our Christmas lunch and children can wear their Christmas Jumpers and Tshirts along with their uniform for the donation of £1 for Save the Children. Then on Friday afternoon we have another pantomime, but this one is in school from the Market Theatre!

Goodness me, what an exhausting week – we will all need a break after all of that so don’t forget we finish at 3.20 on Friday 18th December!

I am sure all the children will join me in saying ‘Come back soon Mrs Light, we all miss you!’