High-5 Netball Tournament

On Tuesday 29th April, North Herts School Sport Partnership organised a High 5 Netball match for local schools. As the event clashed with the Athletics, some players were unable to take part in this stage. This was a new formation for the team and they did very well to adjust to the changes. Ellen was selected captain due to her confident ability in the A Team Rally, where she really impressed.

William Ransom played Offley in the first match and it was a close match with a 1-1 score in the first half. In the second half, an extra goal was scored by both teams where we drew 2-2. The team had their warm up game and were raring to go! In the second match, William Ransom played against Whitehill. The team were confident and were in the lead with 1-0 in the first half. During the second half, William Ransom continued to play well and won 2-0. For their third match, William Ransom played St Andrews. St Andrews made a brilliant start to the game, scoring 3 goals. This knocked the confidence of WR team, where they scored nothing in the first half. With some form of motivation and team work, Annabel and Rachel began a shooting frenzy. With every player in their best position, the team took a 4-3 victory. This is a massive achievement, considering the odds were against them in the first half.

William Ransom won the High-5 Tournament and they are now through to the finals taking place on Thursday 26th June. The team will be formed from best performances from both A and B team rally, as well as evaluation from the High-5 tournament. Players will need to maintain their skills by practising at break and lunch times if keen to take part. Permission slips will be sent home this week and selected players will need to hang onto their netball kit.

A huge thank you to Emma and Lauren P for stepping in to form the team on the absence of original players due to athletics clash. Also thank you to Mrs Watson, Mrs Davis and Mrs Crossland for supporting the team whilst they were playing, as well as taking the time to provide lifts.