Home Learning

As some of you have come to the end of your current home learning work, here is some more for you to work through. Please remember that there is no expectation for you to be finishing all of this and any home learning is just a suggestion. When carrying out home learning, do not feel like you have to replicate a school day and spend as long working at home as we would in school. Please also try to let the children work as independently as possible and don’t feel like you have to go through everything with them. 1 MORE WEEK UNTIL HALF TERM!

You have all been doing a great job and we are so happy to see all of your work on twitter. Keep the photos and videos coming so we can see how hard you’re working and your friends can see what you are up to.

Below are various downloads, which you can either print off or just write the answers into your exercise books. In Maths we are moving on to look at time and measures. Unlike the previous home learning, some of this is work we have not done before. There are PowerPoints for both, which you should have a look through first before trying to do any work. These will help you understand what to do. You will see that there are some trickier and some easier sheets so choose the one you feel comfortable with and as you become more confident, you can choose trickier work. One Maths sheet each day is plenty so there should be enough for at least the next 2 weeks. There are more PowerPoints on Twinkl, which may also be helpful for telling the time to 5 minutes but they are too big to upload here.

For English there are some spelling, punctation and grammar sheets and some comprehension booklets for you to work through. Again, don’t try to do too much each day and try to do a little bit of reading each day. Once a week try to complete a big write and give yourself time to edit your work. You all have the Year 2 spellings, which you can keep practising and using in sentences.

In Science we should be learning about plants. Here are some sheets for you to try!

For our castles work, here is a ppt for you to look through. When you have looked through, draw a diagram of your own castles and label all of the important parts.

Don’t forget we have one more week and then it is half term and everyone deserves a break from all of this hard work. There should be enough work here for next week and the first week after half term. We will of course put some more work up for you but don’t forget, if you are looking for other things to do, there are lots of links and ideas in our earlier home learning posts. We will also be posting challenges, links and other ideas on the Year 2 twitter page so please keep an eye on this and show us how you get on. Good luck with all of the work, you are all doing extremely well!