Home Learning 30.3.20

The Learning Pack sent home contains lots of information about what the children should be doing over this term and into the summer term. Each week we will post an update with reminders and any new resources we have come across to supplement what you already have at home.

There are a range of ideas on this website for children of all ages: http://www.bbc.co.uk/teach

Reception children need lots of practical experiences and also plenty of opportunities to learn through play.

Twinkl have put on a useful timetable with links to various resources in: https://content.twinkl.co.uk/resource/4c/dc/t-p-774-home-learning-plan-for-ages-4–5._ver_5.pdf?__token__=exp=1585646834~acl=%2Fresource%2F4c%2Fdc%2Ft-p-774-home-learning-plan-for-ages-4–5._ver_5.pdf%2A~hmac=d6bf4095df349e9a73567bc8ffeb46219ec652d348cfff28e362b53ac16a85d7

This week focus on:

Phonics: All the sounds have been sent home so it is a matter of working through them regularly. If your child is struggling with the digraphs and trigraphs, show 3 a week and focus on those before showing others. eg: focus on sh, th, ch this week.

Maths: Weight. Fill 2 bags with items and ask the children to be human scales and feel which is heavier. How do they know? Show them 2 items and predict which is heavier. Why do they think that? Check and discuss what happened.

Also continue take time to practice daily counting and writing numbers to 20. Play board games that use dice eg: snakes and ladders. Can they count items of objects in 2 sets and say which has more and which has fewer? Practice finding different ways of making numbers to 20.

Here is a link to an Easter booklet that can be printed out if you have the facilities. https://content.twinkl.co.uk/resource/9d/26/t-tp-6542-eyfs-easter-themed-maths-activity-booklet_ver_2.pdf?__token__=exp=1585665260~acl=%2Fresource%2F9d%2F26%2Ft-tp-6542-eyfs-easter-themed-maths-activity-booklet_ver_2.pdf%2A~hmac=b89d08358ae6feb3fee78e34d86b67affa13bcee387442399d0ef50585be2669

Literacy: Reading-Read a book everyday and talk about the events and the characters. Ask them to draw a new front cover for the book. Can they make predictions about what might happen? Ask them to act out the story using dolls/ puppets.

Writing- Practice writing every day; Find an interesting picture for your child to describe. Remember to get them to use their word grid to find spellings and have a go at words not on there for you to check and correct if necessary. After building/ making something, ask them to write about it. See home learning pack for other ideas. Ask them to retell a story they have heard or watched.

Creative & Knowledge and Understanding: Continue to foster your child’s curiosity about the world. Find a topic they are interested in and make a mini project. Use books, the internet and family knowledge! They can draw things, paint, build, create craft, cook, take photographs etc.

PE: Use the links given in the pack to access the yoga sessions and use Joe Wicks to keep active. Set up a circuit for your child to complete each day: star jumps, throw and catch a ball, shuttle run for example. They were all fantastic at indoor athletics earlier this year!