Home Learning from 8th June

We hope you are all still enjoying your home learning. We are very much aware that you may be at very different stages and if you are still working through previous work, that is absolutely fine. You still have the links in previous posts for extra ideas on work and there are the links to the Bitesize and Oak National Trust sites, which have a lot of lessons you can use. Don’t forget you also have new tasks on MyMaths and you can keep practising TimesTables Rockstars.

Please be careful if you are finding your own work to do. A lot of the children really enjoy being challenged with their work but now is not the best time to push them too hard. It is much better to fully secure current and previous learning, rather than trying to move on to a lot of Year 3 work.

Here are some additional resources to use and tasks to complete if you wish to do so.



Watch the following video of Jack and the Beanstalk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5rxfLRgXRE

Make a story map of the story. You can do this in 3 sections for the beginning, middle and end (you can rewatch the video and do this at different times/days).

Write a character profile of Jack – describing how he; looks, feels and acts.

Write a character profile for the giant.

Story map your own version of the story changing one key feature. Use a dictionary or an adult to help you spell some tricky words, which you think you will need when you write your story. Try to think of lots of adjectives you can use.

Write your story, in 3 parts, using your story map and tricky words to help you.

when you have finished your story, work back through it and edit it for any mistakes.

Science, Geography and History

Have a look through the powerpoint and have a go at some of the tasks