Home Learning: Summer Term 2

Welcome back to all of our children and parents! We hope you had a relaxing week and enjoyed the sunshine!

Hopefully, you all found the previous update to our class page before the holidays. There was plenty of work uploaded there so you should still have lots to be getting on with.

We have noticed on Twitter that lots of you are choosing to write some amazing stories! We have been very impressed with them all! Here is a powerpoint that can be used to support children if they are struggling to think of ideas to write about. Children are very familiar with the powerpoint as we have used some slides for our Big Write sessions in school. Children should choose a slide and create a piece of writing based on the picture. Some slides have specific tasks detailing what to write about. The children will have seen some of the slides before, however if they wish to write another story about the same picture that is completely fine!

As with all the work uploaded, there is no expectation or requirement for children to write something for every picture on the powerpoint. They are there to be used if you wish to. Some pictures will appeal to children more than others, if they don’t want to write a story about one they can choose another one. If children would rather create their own stories and not use the pictures that is great too!

Hope this helps! ?✏️