Home Learning Summer Week 5

Hello again Children and Parents,

We hope you are all safe, well and happy.  Some of you are really enjoying the home learning; we know that school work is not for everyone but do try to do a Maths and English task every day.   We will continue to post pictures for you all to enjoy. 

A reminder that Foundation subjects are optional at this time and you can also find your own activities or use home learning ideas from earlier weeks. 


We are all at the end of our email waiting to hear from you but please be aware that we are often in school so cannot always respond immediately.  Do please get in touch if you have any worries or concerns.

Mrs Hall, Mrs Wheat, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Gibson

English –

Spelling -If you would like to improve your spelling, we have discovered a new Spelling App which is another way of helping you to learn and understand spellings.  This has been made free to families during lockdown and is well worth a try with animated videos, quizzes and puzzles.  You can download the app or find it in your browser on a computer.  You will need to register with an email but then you will be given a username and password for free.  We hope you like it.

Reading – please continue reading lots.  Don’t forget Fiction Express. You can still access all the books, do the online quizzes and vote for how authors continue their stories.  There is also the writing competition. 

Here are the different story starters

For more details, see https://awards.fictionexpress.com/?&utm_source=fictionexpress&utm_medium=banner

If you liked the Doors of Possibility booklet and would like to do this similar booklet called The Game.  Then, please do so.  It is the Year 5 booklet but great for Year 6 too.  It practises all the skills which tasks 1-5 below do but is just in a different format.  Choose between the booklet and the 5 tasks or dip into each. 


Here are 5 tasks for English –

Task 1: Linking with our study of Ancient Greece in History, this task involves Greek mythology. Have a look at this website, which lists some of the incredible monsters and creatures from Greek myths. You can even see how you do on the quiz at the end of the list:


Your task is to invent your own Greek monster and write a description of it. Describe its appearance, its behaviour, where it lives, and anything other interesting characteristics. Extra challenge: draw a picture of your monster!

Task 2 – Year 6 Spag Sats Booklet 5 – Pages 2-9 (You don’t have to print the whole booklet and we would suggest that you write your answers in your book and mark each page as you go along so that you learn from your mistakes.)  This is all revision of synonyms, antonyms, prefixes and suffixes.

Task 3 –Reading – read the latest version of First News


Here’s a reading comprehension for all those football fans! If you’re not a fan of football, just think of how this is improving your retrieval and comprehension skills. Enjoy!


Task 4 – Year 6 Spag Sats Booklet 4 – Pages 10- 15 

This is revision of Word Families, Standard English, Formal and Informal vocabulary (see advice for Task 2)

You can do the ten-minute test if you want to, of course, but it’s up to you. ?

Task 5 – Big Write – this website https://www.pobble365.com    has hundreds of images which are the  perfect inspiration for writing.  Flick through to find one that excites or interests you.  If you choose to write a story, remember to plan with an opening, build-up, dilemma/climax, resolution and ending.  Once finished, give yourself time to edit and improve.   However, you might choose to write a diary entry, a poem, a description of a setting, a letter from one of the characters, etc.  We would love to put some of your stories on the website so that you can all enjoy them.  Email to j.hall@wransom.herts.sch.uk


Mrs Mitchell’s maths group –  Well done to those of you who are all up to date with the work set. A few of you haven’t done any set work this week, which is a bit worrying, but you have time to catch up before half term. I’ve left unfinished tasks on the site. 

A big well done to those of you who have tackled some of the tasks set more than once in order to improve on your score, aiming for that 100%. You know who you are! Your determination will really help you with Year 7 maths next year. 

This week’s maths is all about number: multiplication, division, factors, multiples and primes. There should be nothing new to you in this work as it has all been covered this year, but if you’re not sure you can remember how to tell your factors from your multiples, please do look at some lessons on MyMaths first before attempting the homework tasks. 

Here’s a little maths riddle for those of you who like a challenge: 

I have three positive numbers. I can add all three numbers together or multiply all three numbers together and I will get the same answer. What are my numbers? 

You can find the answer and lots of other examples here:

Mrs Hall and Mrs Wheat’s groups – Well done to those of you who are managing to do Maths every day.  Continue with White Rose (Summer Week 5) You can watch the clips online and download the sheets from the website below.  Remember, if you can’t print the sheets, just write answers in your books.

We will set more Mymaths tasks for this week, but why not have a look at the math riddles website above too.



PHSE – What have been your top 5 activities during lockdown?  Can you send us 5 photos showing you doing your favourite things? 

Year 5 please email your photos to j.hall@wransom.herts.sch.uk

Year 6 please email your photos to v.duncan@wransom.herts.sch.uk

Geography – Continuing our topic ‘Weather in the News’, this week we are looking at a story from earlier this year: the bushfire crisis in Australia.

For a general introduction to bushfires, have a look at this National Geographic article:

This year, the bushfire season was particularly bad in Australia. This article from January discusses what was happening at that time:


Finally, here is a video and article from CBBC Newsround, explaining what life was like during and after the bushfires:


Once you have had a chance to look at these resources, we would like you to create a fact file about the Australia Bushfires, in which you answer the following questions:

  • What are bushfires and what causes them?
  • How does climate change affect bushfires?
  • How did the bushfires affect people in Australia?
  • How did the bushfires affect animals?
  • What was done to fight the bushfires?

Science –   https://www.ase.org.uk/ase-coronavirus-hub-primary-remote-learning-resources#year6 

Lesson 4 – Mythical animals.  This lesson really looks like such fun.  There are some fascinating learning clips before you create your beast and we can’t wait to see what you create using your knowledge about different vertebrate groups.

Art – This week’s optional art activity is figure drawing.

Start with this short tutorial:


Then, have a look at this website for further tips:


You might like to click on the ‘Figure Drawing Proportions’ link about half-way down the page.

Now, have a try yourself! Try sketching a person standing, then experiment with different positions e.g. running, sitting, dancing. Don’t worry about perfection! We’d love you to share your sketches with us.