Home Learning w/c 22nd June 2020

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – IF YOU ARE A YEAR 5 COMING INTO SCHOOL, DO NOT DO THE TASKS WHICH HAVE (SCHOOL WORK) IN BRACKETS AFTER THEM. If there are any tasks uncompleted by Friday, you can do them at home on Friday.

Spelling Work: Tackle pages 22-28 (school work)

Anecdote Task : Did I ever tell you about the time ….

Who remembers when we learned all about anecdotes right at the beginning of the year? Well, we are going to be looking at some more this week.

Below are three anecdotes. One to read, one to listen to and one to watch. While listening or reading, think about what each of these anecdotes have in common. Can you identify the features of an anecdote?


Now, after you have read the Features of an Anecdote factsheet, have a go at writing your own anecdote – how about a lockdown anecdote? It’s up to you. Are you going to write it in the style of a performance poem and perform it? Or, are you just going to write it as a story with a good beginning, middle and end? Don’t forget to share your work with us!

Narrative Poetry Task :

Narrative Poetry Task : (SCHOOL WORK)

Narrative Poetry Task : (SCHOOL WORK)

Reading Comprehension: (SCHOOL WORK) Choose your own level; the answers are at the end:

Mrs Wheat’s Maths Group

Well done to everyone for all your hard work. Even if you are doing 3 days of Maths in school, I would like you to continue with Maths on the other days of the week. Don’t forget the extra challenge on Friday – I’m sure you all enjoy it. I am continuing to set 2 Mymaths tasks each week too. The video tutorials can be found using the link below:

Mrs Mitchell’s Maths Group

Please follow the same work as Mrs Wheat’s maths group but if you find this too hard, please let me know! Set yourself a time limit of forty five minutes and don’t get stressed if you can’t answer all the questions on the sheet. Some of them are very hard. Good luck!

Mrs Hall’s Maths Group

This week, some of you are coming in to school on Wednesday and Thursday. It is really important that you do Monday and Tuesday’s maths lessons before you come into school. You are starting Algebra and those introductory lessons are important.

You will be working from the Year 6 curriculum. I have done these lessons with the Year 6 children in school and I am confident that you will all enjoy it and it will not be too hard. However, the worksheets get harder as you go along so don’t worry if you find the final questions too tricky. You can ask your teacher about them when you come into school.

There are four days of lessons and then you can do the Friday Challenge on White Rose.

The learning clips can be found here (note they are Summer Year 6 Week 7):

ART (school work)





Find out some information about bridges using the following resources:




Watch Charlie and Lucas build beam and arch bridges:


Finally, using the resource below, experiment with building your own different types of bridge. Don’t forget to send us photos.



Session 4 – Making the Change


Before you start this week’s learning, take the quiz. Please do this on Monday if possible. Remember this has to be copied into your internet browser:

quizizz.com/pro/join?gc=4235266 Joining code 4235266

The rest of this work is to be done in school. (SCHOOL WORK)


Last week was Drowning Prevention Week and if we had all been in school, we would have used it to learn about water safety. Please use the link below to access a Water Safety resources ‘bundle’ which is full of information, posters, video and games


Once you have finished all of the activities, why not create a poster for children of your age telling them how to stay safe around water?


The first clip is all about family members and you should recognise some of the vocabulary.


This clip is all about hobbies. I wonder how many words and sentences you will recognise!



Please continue with Online Safety using the resource below:



Read through the Powerpoint on Greek Gods and Goddesses. Hopefully, you will have learned some of this information in the research you have done already.

Then, fill in the factfile templates for each of the Gods and Goddesses. You may want to add your own research information. Choose your level *easier, **medium, *** harder.

Read the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Think about the events in the story. Greek myths contain the following elements: the main character (hero), a quest, a challenge set by a god and a mythical beast. Using your knowledge of the Greek Gods, plan your own Greek myth using the storyboard template. You could use the planning dice to help you with ideas.

What gods will you include? What will the problem be?