Home Learning w/c 6th July 2020

We hope you enjoyed the online Art lessons as much as we did. Can you work out which child is which from Copper Pod’s cartoons above. Mrs Hall was so proud of her work that she had to include it in the photo!

Year 5 – If you are coming into school this week, remember to save the work specified for school as a school task. If it then isn’t used in school, you have Friday to get it done!


Maths – Mrs Hall’s Group

This should all be revision for you. Remember to save lessons 3 and 4 for school and don’t forget the Friday Challenge on White Rose. You will notice there’s a fun booklet for Year 5 children moving to Year 6 which you could also do at home this week.


Maths – Mrs Wheat and Mrs Mitchell’s Groups

Don’t forget Friday Challenge on White Rose – it’s really good for keeping your Maths skills ticking over.

If you have already done the White Rose work right at the start of Home Learning, you can repeat it if you are still a little unsure or enjoy the other resources included here.



This week, your mission is to produce a piece of A4 work (typed or written) with the title: A Famous Scientist of the 20th Century.

Firstly, search the internet to find a list of Scientists of the 20th Century. Then, choose the scientist who interests you the most. Remember to include the following information:

Who is your chosen scientist?

What did he/she discover?

When did this happen?

What impact has this discovery had on the world or individuals?

Also: Don’t miss out on this free celebration of cutting-edge and historic science, all to enjoy at home. 13-17th July

This year, the Summer Science Exhibition is all online. Join them for an exciting week of science streamed straight into your home, with talks and videos on subjects including the science of pets, doping in sports and Antarctica exploration, and some highlights from our favourite exhibits over the years. You can also find out what some of the researchers from past years have been up to since showcasing their work at Summer Science.


History (Year 5 save this lesson for school this week please)

Find out all about the Trojan War and Priam’s Treasure in this Powerpoint.

On the first slide, it asks you to look at the photos of Priam’s Treasure. You need to try to work out what each artefact is and who it might have belonged to then you can read through the Treasure Fact Posters to see if you were correct.

Once you have finished the work on Priam’s Treasure, continue to read the powerpoint to find out about the Trojan War. You can then choose to be either a Greek or a Trojan. Write a diary entry for the night of the Trojan Horse attack. You could write one entry before the horse enters Troy and one after.

PHSE Year 6 – My Leaver’s Yearbook

This week, work through Session 6 – Bouncebackability

PHSE Transition Video for Year 6

Phase of Hitchin – this local charity works closely with Hitchin schools and you have already had 3 sessions with them this year. They have kindly created this online version of the session you have missed this term.

https://phase-hitchin.org/resources Download the resources needed here.

PHSE for Year 5 and 6