Horrible Histories: The Best of Barmy Britain

On Wednesday Years 1 – 5 travelled to Letchworth by train to go to the Broadway Theatre to see ‘Horrible Histories: The Best of Barmy Britain’. 

Going by train was quite an adventure.  It was only a short journey but staff at both Hitchin and Letchworth made us feel very welcome and organised our large group to make sure that everyone travelled safely.    

Once we arrived at Letchworth, we walked to the theatre and were ushered to our seats.  The show was fantastic and enjoyed by all.  Two quick-changing performers took part in all the sketches.  They opened the show by saying – ‘Britain has always been a barmy place to live’.  They then took us through history from Boudicca to Queen Victoria at a frantic but thoroughly entertaining pace.

After the show we had a picnic in the sunshine before catching the train back to Hitchin again.

Some quotes about the show:

“It was really funny – I learned a lot” – Jamie

“Action packed and full of joy” – Bryony

“The history was certainly horrible – just like the name!” –  Janya

“There were lots of parts of the past that I didn’t know about and the raps were hilarious” – Dan

“I liked that they dressed up and had quick changes.  I also liked the tempting music to show what was happening next.” – Ben

“It was quite gross at times” – Zak

“I thought that it was really good acting as there were only two actors who played all the roles” – Isabella