Houses, firemen and books, quite a diverse week in reception!

In preparation for World Book Day the children brought in their favourite fiction books to share. They wrote a blurb and we shared their reviews. Making a hat about their book gave them something to wear when the rest of the school dressed up on World Book Day.

The children read a non-fiction book about fire fighters and watched an interesting dvd in preparation for their visit to Hitchin fire station. This was part of their ‘understanding of the world’ work on people who help us. Kev  the  fireman told us about the jobs that were all part of a fire fighter’s day. He talked about the importance of smoke alarms and he made his friend put on his working uniform so that the children could see what they wore. Then the children were taken in two groups to look at the fire engine. The children were shown what the fire engine carries, and how the hoses worked and a few lucky children had a go at using the smallest hose which they thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately the alarm sounded and the engine was called out on a job so some children missed out on using the hose and they all missed out on a ride in the engine. Back at school the next day there were thank you letters to be written and pictures to draw.
    On Thursday we were lucky enough to have Ms’ Meserve who are both illustrators, come into school and talk to the children about the importance of facial features to portray emotions. The children got to make their own puppet with features they could change to create different expressions.
    Our house topic made some progress this week as the children used their house illustrations to make a ‘clay slab house’ and traced their house with fabric crayons ready to make a wall hanging.  They looked at a non-fiction book and a power point about different sorts of houses. With the story of the three pigs next week we can move forward with our topic learning.

     In ICT the majority of the children finished off the requirements for their ‘computer passport. Those that have not bought home their certificate need to be able to match capitals to lower case letters on the keyboard in order to pass.

This might help to practise. If you find anything better online please share your source.

Learning nursery rhymes from a young age is proven to help your child with reading and recognition of rhyme and rhythm. As there seem to be many children who are unaware of the basic nursery rhymes we are doing the ‘Rhyme challenge’ in school up to Easter. Please sing or say the rhymes with your child and many of the tunes can be found on the website below.

Our science work has covered parts of the daffodil and parts of the body. We are all the same but different was our theme this week. We can all do some things better than others and some things we can’t do at all. Can you touch your nose with your tongue or click your fingers. Ask your child what else we tried to do.

Show and tell is to be able to talk about their house eg. Detached, terraced, number of rooms, etc. It is very important that they are able to give their address so please work on this aspect.

Enjoy the  lovely ‘ spring-like’ weather that has been forecast for the weekend and try and get rid of those nasty coughs!