How does this make you feel?

Class 5/6A looked at this picture for their morning work and wrote down how they might feel if they were in the picture.

The waves are towering over my head as I feel the rumbling of the ground beneath my feet. My body is numb with excitement, but my heart beats with fear. The waves are crashing over the wall now, targeting a small village on the other side. The peer where I am standing is nearly touching the water’s edge. What will happen? Will I drown?

By Isabelle

Standing here on this wet and slimy surface I see a massive wave hovver over me like a lion’s mouth. I feel scared now. How can I get back? I hear the ocean roar. The sea is a horse on its two back legs. I can now hear people shouting, “Get away!” What is going to happen next? Some of the sea water just went in my mouth. It tastes salty and revolting.

By Francesca

I feel wet, cold and limp. The gushing flow of cold water seemed to roar on forever. I felt worried. What if I drowned? What if my family died? What is going to happen? A blanket over me, over my drenched clothes, I closed my eyes, waiting for the next event.

By James

I hope this is a dream. This wave is massive. There is water everywhere. Most people are crying, I think I’m about to cry soon. They’re all holding on to something. One person just got washed away by the beast. I feel petrified. I might die out here! Some people had very expensive cameras and now they’re ruined. I hope that’s it for now.

By Ross

I am absolutely amazed; I am shivering in the cold, wet storm. I hear a cry for help and another monster wave comes crashing down. The ocean roars loudly over the screams and cries for help. I don’t know what to do, where to go, I need to help these people, but it’s too dangerous. I’m petrified I can’t help thinking, what is the next event coming…?

By Oryana

I felt a shiver run down my back as a humungous wave crashed next to me. I froze in terror, scared that the wave might gulp me up. Yet I felt warm, it was such a magnificent sight. My thoughts were interrupted by a petrified scream. What should I do? I can’t help the people yet I feel the urge to plunge into the water to help them. I felt so scared, another wave came crashing down. What should I do?
By Georgia

I thought it would be fun to stand here. I was so excited before. I couldn`t wait to see the huge waves. Now I`m not so sure. They`re a lot bigger than I imagined! As they crash into the rocks it`s as if they`re swallowing them, devouring them. Each time this happened I felt as if it was going to strike me and gulp me down, showing no mercy what so ever! I could feel sprays of water wash over my face before roaring and bearing its huge white teeth.

By Maddie

I am standing on the deserted beach, looking out over the raging sea. Its monstrous claws look set to obliterate the cold and lonely pier that`s shivering in the rain. The powers of the waves are shaking the whole town and the gusts of wind that have come with it are battering the small lighthouse in the water. I thought of the destruction it could cause. Boats could be completely taken out. Her crew would be powerless to stop it. The waves would swallow her up and the men and women on board would go screaming to their deaths. I felt like I was about to go screaming to my death – the roar of the water was so loud I thought my eardrums would burst… No! I won`t surrender to the storm. I can withstand this – I`ve been here before. This can`t hold me back!

By Craig